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ChangKyu "drabble" - 02

fandom: DBSK & SuJu
pairing: Changmin/Kyuhyun
lenght: around 600 words

note: a short silly fic I wrote for my friend yet again but now at 6am (I hope it's readable OTL)
note2: also I am still working on the 87line fanfics I haven't forgotten about them don't worry~


There was one rule that Yunho wouldn’t dare to break even in his wildest dreams. He preached it and chanted it in his head every day, perhaps more than Siwon did Bible. That rule was to not talk to Changmin at any cost before he eats his breakfast and to try to avoid any interactions with the said hungry beast if possible.

So when Yunho woke up this morning and saw Changmin rummaging through the cabinets of their shared kitchen he didn’t say hi. He didn’t wave. He didn’t even move.

When Changmin finally sat down with a choice of his food Yunho released a breath he didn’t know he was holding. He slipped by Changmin to the fridge to find something for himself to eat. He tried waving at Changmin assuming it was safe to do so as he ate a spoonful of his cereals already, but only received a low growl and a scowl in return. Too early.

Yunho was standing by the microwave waiting for his food to get heated when Kyuhyun entered the kitchen. It took Yunho a second to remember Changmin sending him a text message asking if Kyuhyun can sleep over yesterday. Well, not asking, it was more of a statement. With a slightly threatening undertone to it as if challenging his hyung to dare to say something against it.

Yunho sighed. He missed Jaejoong in situations like this. He never fully realized this, but only Jaejoong was capable of handling the bottomless stomach that is Shim Changmin. Maybe it was because Jaejoong cooked for him – should he try cooking for Changmin as well? Then a sudden flashback to him trying to cook something flashed through his mind and he winced at the memory of Changmin’s death glare when he kind of burned the last ingredients for food they had in the house. Not cooking then.

The microwave beeped and Yunho turned back around after retrieving his food only to see Kyuhyun making a bee-line to Kyuhyun, obviously going to talk to him. Yunho started moving his head frantically, trying to mouth the words of warning so that a bloody incident can be prevented. He was about to put down his food to free his hands but it was too late. Kyuhyun reached Changmin.

“Good morning” Kyuhyun said sleepily when he got to Changmin, putting his arms around Changmin’s neck and leaning against him.
Changmin put his spoon down.

Yunho’s blood ran cold and closed his eyes, expecting the worst.

When nothing was happening he opened them reluctantly again.

There, before him, was unfolding a surreal scene. Changmin not only stopped eating his food, but turned around in his chair and smiled up at Kyuhyun. A shiver ran down Yunho’s spine seeing the devil himself smile like that. The demonic smile was returned by equally terrifying smile from Kyuhyun and Yunho suddenly knew why Siwon kept learning the Christian anti-demonic chants.

“Come back to bed” Kyuhyun whispered lowly.

“But I didn’t finish eating yet” Changmin pouted. Pouted.

“You can finish eating that later”

Changmin glanced at the food then back at Kyuhyun a few times before he put got up from his chair, intertwined their hands and went back to his room.

Yunho dropped the plate.

He stared at the direction where the two devils disappeared for a good while before unfreezing and pocketing his phone clumsily. After a few rings the receiver picked up.

 “Siwon? Yea, it’s me, Yunho - which church do you go to?”

ChangKyu "drabble" - 01

fandom: DBSK & SuJu
pairing: Changmin/Kyuhyun
lenght: around 500 words

note: a short fic I wrote for my friend (at 3am) - wasn't gonna publish it, but the said friend said I should so here it is ㅋㅋㅋ

note2: also I am still working on the 87line fanfics I haven't forgotten about them don't worry~


It was one of the rare free afternoons where they had no schedule. Yunho sat on the couch in the dorm he now shared with only Changmin, a can of beer in one hand as he watched TV.

Having a kitchen that was a part of the living room he had a perfect view of Changmin and Kyuhyun that were sitting at the dinner table, chatting about something with bright smiles while eating ice-cream.

Knowing them both it was probably about planning to take over the world or something along the lines. Otherwise he couldn’t imagine why they would have such bright expressions on their faces.

Despite the TV being turned on he could still hear the occasional giggles the two of them made and his hair stood up every time. Fans might find those two maknaes laughing adorable, but to Yunho it sounded downright terrifying. He knew Changmin for over ten years, so he knew what he was talking about.

Somewhere along the way the leader stopped watching what was on the TV altogether and was entirely focused on the two devils occupying the dorm kitchen. He was in the middle of wondering when these two have become such good friends and started visiting each other so often when he noticed what was currently happening before him.

Yunho blinked once. Twice.

It seems that somehow as Kyuhyun was eating a bit of ice-cream got stuck on his cheek. And Changmin, being a good friend he is, got rid of it for him. This would be entirely okay with Yunho if it were to be done with a hand or a tissue or something. But Changmin proceeded to lean in and lick the ice-cream away.





Yunho’s mind was trying to helplessly grasp what has just happened, those few words floating chaotically in his mind, but no conclusion he came to seemed to make sense since it was Changmin he was talking about. Shim Changmin, DBSK’s evil maknae, Voldemin, the man who disliked fanservice and claimed to hate skinship with other men.

By the time Yunho’s mind unfroze, the two devils were chatting innocently again, as if that moment never happened. And for a second he even considered the possibility of him just imagining things, which honestly sounded way more rational than Changmin actually licking the ice-cream off Kyuhyun’s cheek. Not to mention so blatantly in Yunho’s presence. If Changmin was to display affection towards someone, it definitely wouldn’t be in front of other people. Right?

Yunho shook his head, taking another sip from his beer.

He watched the TV for a while again, but he couldn’t resist taking a sneak-peak at the maknaes from time to time. Nothing seemed out of ordinary, but then his eyes wandered lower where their hands were. With their fingers being intertwined together.

He blinked once. Twice.

By the time Yunho came back to reality Changmin was actually no longer in his seat and was currently rummaging the fridge for more food.

No more drinking for you, Jung Yunho. Yunho thought, set down the beer can and tried to immerse himself in the TV again.

Broken (87line fanfic)

fandom: MBLAQ
pairing: 87line
lenght: around 500 words


There was a small modest repair shop, with an old rusty sign hanging upon the entrance that read: ‘Yang’s Repair shop’.

A bell rang, signaling someone has entered the shop.

„Excuse me, do you repair things? “ Asked the man who entered. He was a man in his twenties with raven black hair parted slightly on the side.

“Yes, we do, may I ask what is broken? “ Answered only slightly older red haired man behind the counter, fiddling with some small device in his hands as he spoke.

“My heart”

There was a heavy silence after that before the young man behind the counter put down the device and heaved a long sigh.

“My, my, that might be a bit troublesome. May I ask how did that happen? “

“Somebody knocked it over and it broke because I didn’t listen to my friend’s advice to put it in a safer place…”

A sad smile spread over Seungho’s face.

“Yes, they did tell you that…”

Byunghee didn’t move further into the shop, feeling oddly pressured as he spoke.

He took a shaky breath as he continued: “Do you think it still can be repaired?”

Seeing the other refused to come any closer, Seungho walked around the counter with another sigh and moved with calm steps across the shop until he stopped right before Byunghee.

“Well, it won’t hurt to try”

“You might get cut by the broken pieces” Byunghee retorted, avoiding eye contact ever since he entered the shop.

“I am going to try anyway”

It was only then that Byunghee lifted his eyes from the ground to look into those familiar brown orbs. And he could see that despite the anger and sadness in them there was a strong determination in Seungho’s eyes.
He wanted to say something, to explain himself, but everything got stuck in his throat and refused to leave his mouth.

Seungho pulled Byunghee into a hug reluctantly, as if he was afraid his gesture would be rejected.

“You know that once I start something I always get my job done, right?”

The nod he felt as Byunghee buried his face into Seungho’s shoulder was the only answer he got.

But it was enough.

Soon after, quiet sobs broke the silence in the room, only to be followed by Seungho’s soft reassuring voice trying to comfort Byunghee.

It was sad, yet Seungho felt warm feelings spread through him. They resembled happiness.
It was a feeling he didn’t feel for a long time.

He knew this feeling might not last and that he was being a bit naïve right now, but the warm body pressed against him that now clung to him made him think that everything was possible.

And with that thought in mind he continued comforting the man in his embrace. And would continue to do so until he was completely fixed. All the broken pieces glued back together.

Even if he got cut by those pieces along the way.


I am supposed to be packing my stuff and/or be asleep as it's 5am right now, but I just had to write this idea down before continuing anything else. OTL

This is my first finished fanfic and my first one for this fandom.

I have many more 87line multi-chaptered works in progress (and yet unwritten ideas) and even though they are nowhere near finished please look forward to them in the future.

Also, if you liked the fanfic, you can reward me by writing your own 87line fanfic~ It's no fun writing it myself~

If you didn't like my fanfic, please write your idea of an ideal 87line fanfic~

So basically it's a win-win for me either way ㅋㅋㅋ~

Night (How to Kill a Mockingbird - poem)

another assignment I had to do for my English classes at school
in fact I am handing this in tomorrow
I don't really like it, but I figured I might as well update my LJ from time to time
so there goes nothing


title: Night
lenght: 12+ lines (16 in my case)
assigned theme: poem about some important scene(s) in How to Kill a Mockingbird Ch. 5-11

Fire was blazing in the night
Flames taking everything in sight
Frightened eyes watched them dance
Not noticing the closeness of that fence

Over that fence a curious creature came
The creature who everyone thought was to blame

Out of darkness did he creep
Darkness that was very deep
No harm did he inflict though
For he had a gentle soul

Upon discovery a shock was there
Suddenly everyone of blanket was aware
Blanket placed there with great care
Questions hung suspended in the air

Oh how terribly misunderstood he is
All he wanted was to protect this little miss


Trapped Tears

A short story I had to write for a school assignment this week.
The theme was to write about somebody that is trapped OR does the trapping. And good lord the ideas that flew through my head the second it was assigned. All the horror stories and movies I have ever read/watched, kink memes, BDSM and evey crazy idea I ever thought of. It was hard to write something suitable for my school. Religious school not to mention.
(...I hope they won't kick me out for this. xD)

update: I wasn't kicked out of school because of this! Yay! xD


title: Trapped Tears (trololol)
lenght: short story; around 100 words
assigned theme: being trapped/trapping someone

"THAT'S RIGHT! IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT”, I shouted at the petite girly figure lying in the corner of the storehouse beside me.
She did not respond to my accusations. She did not move at all.
Suddenly I felt calm again. I felt a small smile spreading over my face as I leaned in closer to her.
"Ah, sorry, I shouldn't have raised my voice at you like that. I am sorry. I am going to protect you from these bad people, so don't worry", I whispered, as I gently touched her decomposing cheek and admired the two blood stained holes where her eyes used to be.
Ah, that's right. I cut those eyes out. I couldn't stand it when she cried. It didn't suit her beautiful face.

the end

I have a LJ?

So, I just found out I actually do have a LiveJournal already. I honestly and completly forgot about it. xD
(*cough* oh well, good thing I remembered the password somehow and don't have to create another acount *cough*)

I plan on posting a few things here, some of them I hope will be long stories I have in my head since forever, but mostly I think I will post here just some short stories that I wrote/will write for assignments at my school or things that just create themselves at 4am.
So. Yep. That's pretty much it.
See ya~